Surface Air Comsumption Calculator for Fresh Water

Tank Data:

RTV (cu-ft):

RTP (psi):

Dive Data:

P1 (psi):

P2 (psi):

Depth (feet):

Time (minutes):

RTV = Rated Tank Volume (Remember an aluminum 80 is actually 77 cu-ft)

RTP = Rated Tank Pressure

P1 = Tank pressure at beginning of dive

P2 = Tank pressure at end of dive

SAC = (((Vf x (P1-P2)/P1)/Tm)/ATa

Alternative: SCR=(1-P2/P1)xVf/ATa/Tm

Vf = Actual tank volume = P1/RTP x RTV

ATa = Atmosphers absolute = (Depth/33) +1 (Use 34 for fresh water)

Tm = Dive time in minutes

This calculator is offered as a guide and any calculation should be checked with standard SAC rate formulas before using for dive planning. Rum Runner Dive Shop accepts no responsibility for errors in SAC Rate calculations.