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Asvanced diver title

Once you have completed the open water diver course, or if you've Diver smiling with camera been diving for years, the Advanced Scuba Diver certification takes you to the next level of training. As an advanced diver you will learn how to adjust to varying conditions, environments, and activities taking full advantage of the recreational diving limits. You will gain more confidence and capabilities to handle more challenging diving conditions. This course is appropriate for divers who:

  • Desire additional training
  • Have recently moved to a our area and desire local orientation
  • Do not have, but wish to have NAUI or SSI certification
  • Desire the ability to dive more challenging diving environments.

The Course: The advanced diver course is comprised of an evaluation of your current skills, academic instruction, and at least 6 open water dives in varying conditions. Diving conditions will include deep diving (80+ feet), low visibility or night diving, navigational skills, and optional specialities such as search and recovery, underwater photography, nitrox diving, and non-penetration wreck diving. Full advanced certfication is issued when the diver completes a total of 24 logged open water dives.

Equipment: Divers will need a lift bag and line reel.

Rental gear (BC, wetsuit, and regulator) is available for those not owning their own Total Diving System.

Contact Rum Runner Dive Shop:

or call 252-439-4390 for upcoming classes.