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Excellent Diving Accident and Trip Insurance

If you've always been curious about the ocean, have an interest in marine life and ship wrecks, or would like some adventure in your life, then SCUBA diving is for you. Rum Runner's professional instructional staff emphasize quality instruction, safety, and customer satisfaction. Classes are limited to 6 divers per instructor to ensure personalized attention. Our interest is your competence as a safe, skilled diver. Our instructional staff is prepared to offer you the best instruction so that you can enjoy the underwater environment.

NAUI SCUBA Diver certification is the entry level certification to SCUBA diving. It prepares you to meet or exceed the industry standards for safe diving and enjoy the privileges of all basic certified divers. The course is divided into 3 sections: classroom/On-line instruction, pool, and open water. A typical class day will include home on-line study, classroom instruction followed by confined water (pool) instruction. Skills are learned and practiced in the pool, then demonstrated again during the openwater dives.

We do not believe in "quickie" courses. You are giving the time that you need to get comfortable and feel confident with your skills before you go to the open water. At the conclusion of classroom/pool training, a minimum of 4 open water dives and 1 skin dive are performed. During the summer and fall, open water dives are conducted at Fantasy Lake SCUBA Park in Rolesville, NC, Mystery Lake, Zebulon, NC, Lake Phoenix (formerly Lake Rawlings) near Emporia, Va. or in the Atlantic Ocean on an inshore wreck. There are several wrecks 8 to 10 miles from the inlet in Morehead City that provide an excellent first ocean dive experience for new divers.

Course Requirements: - You must at least 10 years of age, be comfortable in the water, meet swimming skills standards, and have the willingness to learn and enjoy one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports around!

The following items are included in the cost of the course:

  • Pool fees
  • Lifeguard fees
  • Instructor fees
  • Dive Insurance (DAN)
  • Instructional materials (call for details)
  • Testing materials
  • Gear rental (BC, regulator, tanks, gauges, weight belt and westuit)
  • Certification card

*** Each student is responsible for providing SCUBA appropriate:

  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Weights
  • Dive table
  • Boots
  • Timing device

Check out dive fees are not included and are dependant on the location of the dives.

We DO NOT require the purchase of wetsuits, regulators, BC's, tanks or gauges at any time. Use of these equipment items are provided as part of the course.

Our instructors reserve the right to inspect any gear a student wishes to use in class and reject equipment that would be unsafe in an openwater setting.

Class Schedule

Contact Rum Runner Dive Shop :

or call 252-439-4390 to schedule your SCUBA Diver class!