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214-B Beacon Drive

Winterville, NC 28590

(252) 439-4390


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  1. Rum Runner offers quality instruction by our fully qualified experienced instructional staff.
  2. Rum Runner offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere without 'high pressure' sales tactics.
  3. You are not required to purchase your wetsuit, BC or regulator for our classes. The regulator, BC, and wetsuit are provided at no additional cost.
  4. Rum Runner instruction is provided by NAUI/TDI certified professional dive educators to ensure the safety and quality instruction of your entire family. Our emphasis is on your safety. We don't cut corners with your training.
  5. Our small student to instructor ratio (maximum 6 to 1 for basic scuba) allows for more individualized attention and a better learning experience.
  6. Rum Runner's professional instructional staff is trained to work with all age groups from the young to the senior citizen.
  7. Rum Runner offers the highest quality instruction from senior projects to retirement leisure adventure.
  8. We offer professionally organized Worldwide dive trips and offshore NC charters scheduled throughout the year.
  9. Rum Runner sponsors an active dive club with monthly meetings that welcome the entire diving community including members, non-members and non-divers.
  10. Rum Runner focuses on a person's 'ABILITIES' and accommodates individuals with disabilities.
  11. We are the only local authorized dealer for Scubapro, Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic Aquatics, Sherwood, Genesis, DiveRite and OMS, some of the best names in dive equipment.

  1. Rum Runner Dive Shop is the oldest diving retail and instructional entity in the Greenville/Winterville area with over 40 years of experience.
  2. Rum Runner offers the best instruction to ensure safety and enjoyment in the world-wide arena of diving options. We train you to become a safe diver so that you can maximize the fun of diving.
  3. Rum Runner's skill and certification progression from basic scuba diver through instructor and technical diver allows the diver to obtain their desired goals.
  4. We provide 'in-house' service by our certified technicians for all Scubapro, Atomic, Aqualung, Apeks, Tusa, Genesis, DiveRite, Ocean Reef, OTS, Hollis, Oceanic and Sherwood equipment. For other brands, Rum Runner will arrange guaranteed service by an authorized dealer. We stand behind our service.
  5. Rum Runner provides cylinder inspections by certified technicians and hydrostatic cylinder testing.
  6. Scuba diving instruction includes both inland (fresh water) and ocean based dive experiences. Don't get stuck with all quarry dives if there is a choice.
  7. Rum Runner offers discounts to our own Dive Club members and students as well as miliatry and first respnders
  8. Former students are always welcome to join classes at the pool to refresh their skills or try out new equipment before hitting open water. We also offer 1:1 guidance with an assistant instructor or divemaster to polish those rusty skills.
  9. Rum Runner Dive Club members enjoy discounts on select charters.
  10. We carry a full line of SCUBA gear from Scubapro, Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic, Akona, Bare, Stahlsac, Genesis, Sherwood, OMS, DiveRite, Fourth Element, Diving Unlimited International, Waterproof, Osprey and Light Monkey. We have enhanced our inventory so in many cases we have what you need in stock. Don't see exactly what you need in our shop? We can special order almost anything.

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